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Here are a few select websites from our Japan Travel Coordinators to help you prepare for your trip to Japan. URL addresses are current as of July 2021.

Mobile Phone and Convenient Service

Go North to South, East to West, cross-country and zig zag around. When you need it, a useful service to know.

In the Countryside

The latest news in the Japanese countryside. Just as good manners are welcome everywhere in the world,

special consideration should be given. 

Mobile Phone and Convenient Service

Mobile phone rental locations at Narita Airport.

Prepaid data SIM irodori

japan travel SIM

Keep your luggage like a coin locker.



In the Countryside

There are many famous springs in Japan. These are among the meisui (famous spring water) that can be enjoyed during your visit.

There are about a thousand or so michi-no-eki (roadside stations) located throughout Japan. Look for souvenirs and grab a quick bite to eat at a michi-no-eki near your travels. 



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