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SHINRIN-YOKU (Forest Bathing) began in Japan in the 1980s and has spread all over the world in the 40 years since then. Nowadays it is revered in many countries as an easily accessible, healthy way to spend time in nature. Although this is not widely known by Japanese themselves, the word SHINRIN-YOKU is used in other languages as-is, in a similar fashion to MATCHA and WAGYU, and enjoyed on weekends, days off and vacations.



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Would you like to enjoy a wellness tour in Japan? Spending time in nature is good for your wellbeing. The Japanese have known this for years. We even have a term for it: shinrin-yoku which means forest bathing and references the wondrous effects that spending time in nature does for people.




For your discovery


We developed the Virtual Tour during the coronavirus pandemic. And we thought to ourselves, this is the future of travel! The world has become so accessible that there are only a few places where we can make our travels happen. There are just too many places we want to go, and not enough time or environment to go! In that case, take a virtual tour. Even when you are tired, the images of our virtual tour, full of nature's greenery, will calm your sympathetic nerves.


What are wellness tours?


If you want to improve health through activities that promote psychological, physical and spiritual wellbeing, you can go on a wellness tour. These tours are specifically designed for people who want to maintain a healthy work-life balance, improving their quality of lives. Wellness tours takes you on the best Japan tours which are serene and peaceful places where you can relax, heal and meditate. Usually, wellness tourists aim to go to places that are closer to nature, as the freshness of nature detoxifies the human bodies.


You can go on a luxury Japan tour to recover from the adverse effects of medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Wellness tours take people to places and islands filled with nature’s wonders, where they can heal from any mental trauma or simply disconnect and be in the moment.

Feel the philosophy of Zen at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (Tokyo)


Experience the traditional tea ceremony house, Zangetsu, which is a Japanese national registered tangible cultural property. The traditional Japanese tea houses located in the garden are historic buildings, one of which has been registered as a tangible cultural asset. The tea ceremony is an art form that goes back more than 1,000 years. It is not simply about drinking the tea, but rather, a ritual with precise and graceful movements in a careful sequence. To become a tea ceremony master requires at least 10 years of study and practice. A trained tea master will lead a tea ceremony for guests upon request. The essence of the tea Ceremony is harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility: It is the very spirit of Japanese hospitality, and a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

  • Price: 60,000yen (Within 5 Person)
  • The Tour Dates: Whole year month (Reservations are required) 


This package is available only for 1 group of 2 people per day.  Guest room type is Executive suite room with private open-air onsen bath. Package includes upgrade KAISEKI room dinner and 130 minutes In-room spa treatment and Japanese and western buffet style breakfast. Moreover, the concierge are able to arrange activities such as yoga and walking with the Hakone Tourist Guide upon request.

  • Price: From 101,440 yen (included In-room spa, Upgrade dinner (Heya-shoku), service charge, consumption tax and  hot spring tax, within 2 Person per 1 night stay)
  • The Tour Dates: Whole year month (Reservations are required) 
High quality wellness stay at Hakone Kowakien Tenyu (Kanagawa)

A Superior quality relaxing time at Karuizawa Prince Hotel (Nagano)


Prince Basic – Breakfast Included Plan is a superior quality relaxation plan, staying at Karuizawa Prince Hotel East and offering the Forest Hot Spring. Breakfast  is  Japanese and Western menu of building on the concept of “strength of the land, blessings of the Shinshu region” at All Day Dining Karuizawa Grill. Activities, outdoors in nature, can be arranged on request.

  • Price: From 12,545yen (per Person)
  • Price Includes: Roomcharge, Buffet-style Breakfast, Service charge and tax
  • The Tour Dates: Whole year month



You can enjoy the nature of Akiota with transfer from Hiroshima city. Experience forest therapy and forest activities with guides who know Akiota’s forests inside out. Lodge at local hotels with attached ONSEN (hot springs). The next day, Experience making a ladle through traditional techniques passed down for nearly 200 years. During these quiet, relaxing 3days, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy heart-warming exchanges with local people. We accommodate groups as small as two people and as large as seven.

  • Price: From 120,000 yen (per Person) 
  • Price Includes: Transfer from Hiroshima Station, Taxi charge for 3 days, 2-stay Roomcharge,  Breakfast, Dinner, Nature Activities, Service charge and tax (english guide are available for additional fee)
  • The Tour Dates: end of Apr. to mid of Nov.(reservation are required.)
Nature of Akiota (Hiroshima) loved by many people in Europe and America

Yakushima(Kagoshima) : A trip to meet the great nature of the World Heritage


There are various plans with the room and dinner types according to your wishes. For example, Samudra Villa Dinner & Breakfast Plan, Sankara Suite Dinner & Breakfast Plan, Sankara Villa Suite Dinner & Breakfast Plan, etc.  And if you hope your off-site meeting, sankara supports with true hospitality.

Deep snow bus tour -AKIYAMAGO-

This one-day bus tour includes transportation from Nozawa Onsen or Echigo Yuzawa. Departs Nozawa or Echigo-Yuzawa at 8:30 and arrives at Akiyamago at around 11:00. You will experience an open-air bath in the snowy landscape, eat Sukiyaki of Bear Meat hunted locally for lunch, enjoy snow trekking and tour local sake breweries. You will arrive at the departure place around 17:30. This plan will be perfect for a break day during your ski trip.

●Price: From 15,000 yen (per Person)  

●The Tour Dates: Thursday and Friday from January 10 to March 27, 2020 (Reservations are required) 

Akiyamago (Niigata)
Day trip to Akiyamago(Niigata/ Nagano). Enjoy hot spring, snow trekking and Bear Meat Sukiyaki lunch.

Connecting You To Japan’s greatest sights

This book is unlike any other guide you’ll find. We have painstakenly scouted the best places in Japan for wellness inspired vacations and compiled them into this book. You will be able to travel the undiscovered terrains of Japan’s most beautiful outdoor areas, learn when the best times are to visit each desired destination, and see the locations as though you had your own local tour guide.
If you want to visit some of the coolest place in Japan, before they get too popular, this book is for you. You can buy this book on Kindle or get a hard copy that includes beautiful inspirational pictures.This travel guide book introduced Only Special Hidden Places in Japan.

  1. Special hidden places in Japan Local area
  2. Beautiful photos of the on-season
  3. By Professional Photographer, Takashi Sato
  4. More info at our website by QR code
  5. Language / English or Japanese
  6. Preparing Paperback, Print on demand, ebook 

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