The Unique Travel Destinations Appearing in the Luxury Tokyo Day Tours

Tokyo, the Japanese capital, holds significant value in terms of travels and tours. The world-famous Tokyo tours give travel lovers the treat they deserve. The Japanese capital is both bold and humble, chaotic, yet organized in every way. People watching here is much an attraction here as sightseeing. You will experience great food and a unique lifestyle along with traditional heritage.


Do not miss the great experience Tokyo has to offer. Let us give you some insights into the most popular travel destinations in luxury Tokyo day tours.


Tsukiji Fish Market Tour


A tour especially recommended for tourists who love seafood. The Tsukiji fish market is one of the busiest and largest fish markets of the world and a must-visit place in Tokyo day tour. You will see vendors selling a variety of seafood, and they let you taste a sample also. You have to put this tour into your bucket list.



Open Roof Bus Tour


Another attraction for the Tokyo day tour, the open roof bus tour of the city. The tour on a double-decker bus lets you see all the lights and lifestyles of Tokyo in its natural way and enjoy the various places in the city. You can have video or manual guided assistance to pinpoint all the possible places during the tour.



Shibuya Food Tour


Explore the street food and traditional Japanese cuisine while visiting the Shibuya food street. Take your foody self and add this to your bucket list of Tokyo day tours. Satisfy your love for food by trying different flavors and taste that gets your taste buds tingling. Find out hidden eateries while on this tour.



Ghibli Museum Tour


The Ghibli museum is a unique addition to the bucket list of Tokyo day tour. This guided tour lets you witness the world of Hayao Miyazaki’s animation and movie making in Ghibli museum. Here you will see how Mr. Miyazaki started his animation and what makes it unique among others.



Akihabara Go-Kart Tour


The final Tokyo day tour activity is the Akihabara go-kart tour. This tour is totally unique as you drive a go-kart throughout the city, either yourself or with a guide. This tour lets you drive around and see all the beauty of the city as riding a go-kart is an adventure in itself. The best part of the tour is that you can enjoy at your own pace.



Final Word


Tokyo city is full of interesting places to visit and has activities for tourists like no other. Enjoy your visit to Tokyo and take these recommended tours to make an unforgettable yet rewarding experience for yourself.

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