Most Popular and Fascinating Agriculture Tour in Wakayama

Rural life experience in Japan is an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the Japanese rural lifestyle. With Agritourism booming throughout the world, Japan Agricultural regions and fruit farms are perfect for living an authentic rural experience. Numerous farms in Japan offer bed and breakfast, activities such as planting rice or picking fruit, as well as an opportunity to participate in local life. These farms are called “Noka Minpaku.” These farms and agriculture regions also offer activities for visitors who are not willing to stay at the farm.


7 Most Fascinating Agriculture Tours In Wakayama



Fruit picking and craft workshops in Kinokawa City

Minpaku Matsuyama is a cozy farm that offers bed and breakfast in Kinokawa. It is at a short distance from the city of Wakayama. Farm owners organize various activities for stay-in guests as well as for those who wish to opt for a farm tour. Activities include fruit picking, craft workshops, and outdoor cooking classes.


Take Cooking lessons at Minpaku Tsukimi-so

Located in the mountains near one of the Kumano Kodo trails, Tsukimi-so is a traditional Japanese farm renovated with great taste. Experience how authentic Japanese meals are prepared. Two meals a day are included. They also offer vegetarian and vegan dishes. During the stay, you can participate in cooking classes and learn how to make pickled plums.


Fishing, hiking and tea leaf picking at Yatoda Shizenjuku

The Yatoda family offers a stay at their farm to discover the rural lifestyle. The activities and experiences they organize include fishing and hiking throughout the year, as well as harvesting of tea leaves and rice in season.


Peach cultivation at Wakaba Noen

Wakaba Noen allows you to discover the life of a peach farmer. You can learn about how to take of peach trees and collect peaches when in season. This farm offers accommodation, which can be booked online. The farmer and his wife are very welcoming and love receiving foreign guests. Advance booking is necessary.


Minpaku Kannonyama Fruits Garden

Wakayama is famous for its mandarin oranges, called “Mikan.” In this farm dedicated to the cultivation of oranges, you can learn more about this fruit and help in various tasks at the farm. You can visit during the day and can book a stay to spend the night. Mandarin season starts in autumn until early winter.


Fishing and fruit collecting at Mirai Noen

Mirai Noen is a fruit farm in Tanabe managed by a welcoming family that offers accommodation to discover life on the farm. One of the most exciting activities for guests is to participate in collecting mandarins and Ume during the coldest months. The farmer also has a boat for you to go fishing.


Cooking in Kamado at Noka Minpaku Jugemu

Managed by a well-traveled young couple, Jugemu is an organic farm and a B&B in the rural Wakayama. In this place, you can collect tea leaves and make your green tea, cook dishes in a kamado (traditional oven), or enjoy the experience of rice plantation, among other activities. You can book this Agriculture Tour in Japan online.


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