Kyoto Tours has its roots deeply embedded in ancient traditions

Japan is known as the land of dichotomy that manages the balance between tradition and advancement. While other cities in Japan operate on technology, Kyoto reigns as the cultural capital. While Tokyo stepped into advancement with its modern architecture and called the electronic district, Kyoto steps back in time with its Zen gardens and temples and mystical geishas.


Kyoto tours in Japan focuses on the magical bamboo forests, ornate shrines, dancing geishas, theatre performances, and blooming seasonal cheery tree sights. Tourists learn all about magical healing tea, Zen Buddhism, and all cultural pillars in this ancient city.


Kyoto is a great place to visit any time of the year, but the best time is in spring or fall to avoid crowded areas. Consider yourself lucky if you have planned a trip in spring as you can witness the magical backdrop of cherry blossoms. Fall; on the other hand, gives you the red, orange, and yellow hues of maple trees that blend perfectly with the dull-colored temples. No matter when your tour commences, you will feel amazement like never before.


Let us look at things to do while having Kyoto tour in Japan:



Wander Through the Amazing Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine


Kyoto’s most iconic sight, the Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine, comes by passing through flame-colored walkways of Torri gates. Visitors can spend a whole day wandering through the network of ornate shrines. The shrine honors the Shinto god “Inari,” known as the god of rice. Halfway up the mountain, you can witness the incredible view of Yotsutsuji intersection.



Visiting Kinkakuji Temple


A Zen temple wrapped in gold lead, amid a placid lake surrounded by trees is the Kinkakuji Temple. Originally built as a retirement home for a Shogun, this temple is now an essential of Kyoto tours in Japan. The Shogun sanctioned it as a temple after his death. The best time is to go early in the morning to witness the sun bream off the temple.



Participating in Tea Ceremonies


Although tea ceremonies performed all over Japan, participating in the one in Kyoto holds exceptional value due to strong roots in Zen Buddhism. The tea ceremony holds a special recommendation in Kyoto tours in Japan because of the artful preparation before serving. The meaning of the ceremony is to acknowledge the company, the utensils, and tea itself while being mindful of the present situation.



Monkey Park Iwatayama


Another attraction of Kyoto tours in Japan is the visit to Iwatayama Monkey Park. Be warned, as there are monkeys everywhere, swinging from trees, scampering the pathways, and sometimes daring enough to come close and steal your food. These primates serve as the source of entertainment for the tourists. You can buy nuts and fruits from shops to feed them but do keep your bags zipped tight, as they tend to search through your bags for an extra treat.



Final Word


Being the cultural center of Japan, Kyoto has its roots deeply embedded in ancient traditions. Kyoto tours in Japan serves as the center for the scenery lover and those who want to explore the illuminating sunsets of the city while rippling through falling leaves.

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