Thank you for visiting this website. CONNECTING YOU TO WONDERLANDS japan doubles as a beautiful photo album, featuring truly hidden gems in the less traveled countryside of Japan. The author, Takashi Sato, is a landscape photographer who has traveled to all 47 prefectures to capture the many faces of Japan on film. 


We guides you to other special information by this webpage. There is full of useful information for planning your visit to Japan, with detailed information on getting around on trains, buses, cars, and domestic flights,too. We hope this website will be useful for your trip to Japan!


References Online

Here are a few select websites from our Japan Travel Coordinators to help you prepare for your trip to Japan. URL addresses are current as of March 2021.

Mobile Phone and Convenient Service

Go North to South, East to West, cross-country and zig zag around. When you need it, a useful service to know.

In the Countryside

The latest news in the Japanese countryside. Just as good manners are welcome everywhere in the world,

special consideration should be given. 


Modes of Transportation

No matter where your starting point, fi nal destination or stops in

between might take you, the transportation system in Japan is one

of the best in the world. 

Favorite Itineraries

Some of the best scenery from the far corners of Japan. The places we recommend are special for reasons of their own. Trips to the shore, the mountains and satoyama can be most rewarding experiences.